Inovation / Prominence / Achievement

Our manufacturing experience is built on decades of working with customers’ special requirements. We can supply required tools according to customer drawings or appropriate sample parts. We use CAD systems for the development of our drawings. We use CAM systems for our CNC equipment.

With two shifts of work force and over 40 CNC machines operated 16 hours a day, we can accept the quantity from 5 to more than 3,000 pieces in every single order. We utilize bar codling for each task to control our production process. This enables us to establish which phase of processing your order is going through at any time.

Also, we connect each production process tightly to increase the fluency of our production line. We are constantly making modifications and improvements to our facilities, equipment, systems, and over-all approach to our manufacturing process.

Together with the excellent quality of our products, your required lead time is also guaranteed.